The locus coeruleus:
at the crossroad of dementia syndromes

31 July 2018

The HEROES project selected for a JPND-NIH cooperation initiative

The HEROES consortium successfully applied for the JPND call on “Pathway analysis across Neurodegenerative Diseases”. In parallel, the US Institute of Health conducted a call on “Common Mechanisms and Interactions Among Neurodegenerative Diseases”. As the objectives and funding periods of both calls are very similar, JPND and NIH agreed on establishing cross-cutting activities among the consortia funded by JPND and by NIH. The joined proposal submitted by HEROES consortium, coordinated by Prof. Mara Dierssen and the Gladstone project coordinated by Dr Finkbeiner has been selected to be founded by their respective National Founding Agencies. The Gladstone project investigates common pathways among diverse neurodegenerative diseases focusing on the major protein and organelle clearance mechanisms. Gladstone’s collaboration with the HEROES consortium will allow both projects to expand their investigation into common disease mechanisms in Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome. This new collaboration and the pilot studies proposed will provide an innovative and entirely new approach to investigate neurodegenerative mechanisms involved in age-dependent diseases. The results will be presented in the next Trisomy 21 International Meeting, to be held in Barcelona June 6-9, 2019 (