The locus coeruleus:
at the crossroad of dementia syndromes

24 June 2019

Intermediate meeting of HEROES Project was held on the 5th June 2019

Coinciding with the T21RS international conference, HEROES consortium held its intermediate meeting in Barcelona on 5th June. A face-to face meeting allowed the partners to share the progress of the different workpages. High advances have been performed in the selection of human post-mortem samples from the brain bio-banks and the characterization will carry on soon. Ethical approval is on site for the neuroimaging study and will be obtained in the following months. Promising results on the differentiation of mid-brain organoids were presented. Characterization of degenerative profile in mouse model is on progress but researchers are finding great difficulties to generate the Parkinson's murine model. HEROES project is progressing at a good pace!