The locus coeruleus:
at the crossroad of dementia syndromes

07 September 2020

HEROES consortium has submitted a symposium to the fourth T21RS International Conference

The next T21RS International Conference will be held in Long Beach (California, US) on 9-13 June 2021. HEROES consortium has submitted a symposium titled “New knowledge about common molecular, cellular and pathophysiological mechanisms in neurodegenerative disorders” chaired by Marta Fructuoso (Partner 2). The proposal will cover noradrenergic neurodegenerative profile from murine models (Monika Rataj-Baniowska, Partner 5), biomarkers (Yannick Vermeiren, Partner 3) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (Aoife Murray, Partner 3). Hopefully it will be selected by the T21RS program committee!